Tiny Diggers – Best Kids Construction Truck Game on iPad, iPhone & Mac!

Tiny Diggers, the popular, educational construction truck game for kids is now available on the iPad, iPhone and Mac computer!

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In Tiny Diggers, the players get the choice of driving a dumptruck, excavator or bulldozer while learning about numbers, colours and shapes. The game is aimed at kids aged 2-5 with a heavy emphasis on fun. The obvious goal here is to learn the fundamentals of numbers, colours and shapes but the emphasis is to dig and dump dirt wherever your child wants and interact with the characters and objects. One exciting new feature that has been recently added to Tiny Diggers is the Tool Rewards system. Upon playing the game with each truck, the player will find tools like hammers, screwdrivers or tape measures. They can then place their found tools on a peg board and try to collect them all.

Features Include:
* 3 construction trucks to operate
* 3 modes for learning numbers, colours and shapes
* 1 mode for each truck with no learning – just dig and dump dirt
* Interactive environments and colourful backgrounds
* Tool Rewards – Collect and organize hidden tools throughout the game
* Animated characters and dozens of sounds
* No confusing menus or navigation
* Professional soundtrack by Hessel Van Hoorn

Game Modes:
* Numbers: Drive an excavator and dig anywhere, then dump dirt on the corresponding number shown above the truck to progress
* Colours: Drive a dumptruck and dump dirt on the corresponding colour shown above the truck to progress
* Shapes: Drive a bulldozer and push dirt to the corresponding shape shown above the truck to progress
* Free Play: Choose your truck and explore with no objectives
* Tiny Diggers is a nice addition for kids who enjoy learning on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The artwork is bright and colourful with smooth, animated backgrounds and you immediately forget your child is engaged in education

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